John Armleder


The Dairy, founded by Nicolai Frahm and collector Frank Cohen, opens with its inaugural show Quicksand, a retrospective of Swiss Conceptual artist John M Armleder, his largest exhibition in the UK to date.

A key figure on the contemporary art scene since the early 1970s, Armleder’s work is a celebration of the everyday, of the modern man; a joyous celebration of colour, pattern, abstract painting, installation, sound, video, light; the show is visual feast of pop aesthetics and interior design, a meeting of Marcel Duchamp-style readymades with Andy Warhol aesthetics. Visitors discover raw materials as colours, patterns, textures and elements of rhythmic compositions. The simple idea of showing “things as they are” clarifies, once more, the power of art to turn the banal into something extraordinary.


27 April, 2013 17 August, 2013


Dairy Art Centre
7a Wakefield St.
London WC1N 1PG