Lawrence Weiner

at Blenheim Palace

A meeting of 1960s New York Minimalism and ebullient English Baroque, Within a Realm of Distance is a solo exhibition at Blenheim Palace by one of the founding figures of American Conceptual Art, Lawrence Weiner. Since the 1970s, Weiner’s primary medium has been language and typographic texts which appear as interventions in public space – mounted on the side of buildings, busses and bridges. Weiner has designed new work in response to the space at Blenheim Palace, affixing his dictums to the outside façade, walls and ceilings of the Palace, creating a surprising dialogue between the Minimalist aesthetics of his work and the opulent Baroque setting of Blenheim.

With this second intervention by a contemporary artist, Blenheim Palace is propelled into the present, whilst Weiner’s work reversely takes on a timeless quality. The Palace, a centre for high art and culture when first built, is reactivated through the juxtaposition of old and new which generates new meaning, understanding and appreciation of visual culture.

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10 October, 2015 20 December, 2015


Blenheim Art Foundation
Blenheim Palace
Oxfordshire OX20 1PP