Strange Lands

Strange Lands is an exhibition of contemporary art staged at The Scandinavian Golf Club in Farum, Denmark. It features major sculptural artworks by Yoshitomo Nara, Ugo Rondinone, Sterling Ruby, Lawrence Weiner, Ai Weiwei and Franz West, integrated into the clubhouse and the surrounding Danish landscape.

Strange Lands brings together a number of celebrated contemporary artists who look to nature, to their surroundings, and to history in order to re- imagine the world they live in. Although diverse in their media and appearances, the artworks speak to a common desire to re-imagine the world more poetically, to marry past with present, and to bridge the real and the imaginary. Some artists take inspiration from the shapes and motifs of the natural world; others look to cultural heritage and man-made histories which they catapult into the present. Some look to our modern-day cities and urban cultures, while other works become time capsules, evoking the art of past civilisations and archaic times. Some imagine the quieter, stranger spaces in our present-day society, the liminal areas, the outskirts, the places no one likes to look, and put them on a plinth.

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01 April, 2019 02 February, 2020


The Scandinavian, Farum