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This group exhibition organised by Frahm & Frahm groups together artworks by some of today’s most important international artists, all of whom focus on the use of the written word, language, script and speech in their artistic practices. Words and language pervades our everyday, our public and private life, our relationship to things and to each other. The artworks on display open up conversations about freedom of expression, understanding/ misunderstanding, and how much of our society and culture is rooted in language. Other artworks, meanwhile, celebrate the shape and aesthetics of the written word, the graphic elegance of typography, the distinctiveness of a script, the beauty of the word. This exhibition explores themes of resistance, poetry, freedom of expression and memory, as well as design, typography and their effects on a reader – all through the most human of art forms: language.

The exhibition notably features a bespoke LED installation by American artist Jenny Holzer, titled For the Scandinavian and built specifically for the club, featuring Holzer’s best-known texts.

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02 February, 2020 17 May, 2022


The Scandinavian, Farum