Yoshitomo Nara

Greetings from a Place in My Heart

Yoshitomo Nara: Greetings from a Place in My Heart is the largest exhibition of Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara’s work in the UK to date, featuring seminal and unseen pieces by the artist. The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, and a unique retrospective of Nara’s drawings spanning 30 years. Nara is best known for his paintings of children and animals sporting fiendish expressions and provocative stances, depicted against pastel-coloured backdrops.

Exploring the psychological universe of childhood experience, Nara’s world straddles the make-believe of infantile imagination, adult anxiety, and rebellion in a compelling, humorous style which has made him one of the most internationally-renowned Japanese artists of his generation. The exhibition explores an important development in Nara’s artistic practice, where he becomes more concerned with the approachability of his subject matter through the use of a softer, more vivid colour palette.


03 October, 2014 07 December, 2014


Dairy Art Centre
7a Wakefield St.
London WC1N 1PG